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How to make oil from a verbana plant

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by dilauro on October 03, 2006 07:52 AM
I have a verbana plant (almost a tree -6 feet tall) that has grown all summer long. Can anyone share some recipes on making Fragrant Oils from the verbena leaves, tea from the leaves, soap from the leaves and any other ideas on what to do with all the leaves from this plant. I plan on really trimming the plant down and then bringing it inside so it can be ready for next year. The main stalk is real woody now and about an inch in diameter.

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Ron DiLauro
by Deborah L. on October 03, 2006 09:14 AM
I have a five foot lemon verbena.
The tea is easy - just crunch a handful of leaves into a cup, pour over it very hot water, cover and let it steep.
Then remove the leaves and enjoy. Sweeten if you like of course.
The leaves do not need to be dried for this good tea. In fact, it's better with fresh leaves.

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