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Deer and Japense Beetle proof plants

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by moondance on May 29, 2004 01:12 AM
While reading one of my gardening books I came across a list of ornamentals and evergreens that aren't bothered by deer and Japanese bettles. Hope this can help someone.
Deer proof: aloe, baby's tears, black bamboo, weeping birch, boxwood, bridal wreath, sea buckthorn, butterfly bush, cedar, century plant, chinaberry tree, clematis, crocus, ferns, gollden-bells, hyacinths, iris, ixia, jasmine, larkspur, liy of the vally, black locust, mock orange, mountain laurel, muscari, narcisus, pepper tree, persimmon, shadbrush, smoke tree, sparaxis, snowball viburnum, and wax myrtle: rosemary, lavender, thyme and some slavias, onions and garlic.
Japanese beetle- ageratum, aborvitae, ash, baby's breath, garden balsam, begonia, bleeding heart, boxwood, buttercups, caladium, carnations, Chinese latern plant, cockscomb, coralbells, coralberry, coreopsis, cornflower, daisies, dusty millelr, euonymus, false cypresses, for-get-me-not, forsythia, hydrangeas, junipers, ornamental kale, lilies, red or silver maples, mulberry, nasturtium, red and white oaks, poppies,snapdragon, snowberry, speedwell, sweet pea, sweet William, tulip drees, violets, pansies, and yews. From Rondale
I fought the beetles last year and this year I planted the plants that they don't like. See what happens.
Just for your information-some of these plants and trees I haven't heard of. [thumb]
by weezie13 on May 29, 2004 06:51 AM
Moondance, [wayey]
Just for your information-some of these plants and trees I haven't heard of.
Which one's???????


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by moondance on May 30, 2004 03:26 AM
Okay- there are a few- chinaberry tree, black bamboo, always thought that they were green, ixia, shadbrush, sparaxia, smoke tree, the snowberry, speedwell and coralberry. I will be going into my gardening books and look them up. [dunno]

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