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chocolate zucchini cake

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by Tamara from Minnesota on September 02, 2005 08:15 AM
This is a mix of 2 recipes and is low in fat how I make it (for health reasons), but it is super gooey and chocolatey!
Chocolate zucchini bundt cake
2c sugar
3/4c mix of applesauce and oil or all oil
3 eggs or 6 whites
2t vanilla
2c shredded zucchini
2 1/2c flour
1/2c cocoa
2 1/2t baking powder
1/2t baking soda
1t salt
1t cinnamon
1/2c chocolate soy or regular milk
2/3c chocolate chips
First mix wet ingredients together. Mix dry ingredients together and add alternately with milk to wet ingredients. Put in greased and floured bundt pan or use Pam and bake at 350 for about 1 hour, until pick can be removed dry (be careful not to be testing the melted choc chips). Let stand 10 minutes before removing from pan.

3/4c powdered sugar
3T cocoa
8t choc milk
2T choc chips (semisweet)
1t instant coffee granules
1/2t vanilla
Mix milk, chips, coffee and vanilla and microwave 45 seconds stirring twice. Mix in sugar and cocoa with whisk. Drizzle over cooled but slightly warm cake.

* * * *
by ChristinaC on September 03, 2005 09:18 PM
Wutta' great idea Tamara. One can only eat so many zucchini muffins. I didn't plant any this year because I seem to run out of ideas. My mom has more than enough. I'll be forwarding the recipe to her. Thanx!
P.S. She'll love that it's low in fat!!! Means u can have 2 pieces instead of 1. [Wink]

* * * *
by Tamara from Minnesota on September 05, 2005 11:02 AM
I think I ate almost the whole thing in 3 days! I gained 1 1/2 pounds that weekend I was such a pig (I was around other cakes and cookies too). [Embarrassed]

* * * *

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