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by Bill on July 08, 2003 05:14 AM
by weezie13 on July 08, 2003 07:27 PM
I have a hardy gloxinia in my back yard.
If there is a name to it, I don't know it, because my children like to take them off and plant them else where and I never find them...... But it's hardy at least to my area which is at least 5.... It's gorgeous!!
And I'm guilty alot of times of buying things on sale or a old timer gardener will give me so many plants and I'm not sure or never sure of where to put them, I'll just plant them in the back and I'll get to them and sometimes, never move them. But this one has thrived where I put it, in the back, a bit of sun and a bit of shade and it's moist sometimes, and I don't do a thing to it and it blooms it little heart out. I love it. Mine's a pink and it doesn't seem to be as frilly but like a tube. But it's a gorgeous color and I look forward to it, it's one of the spring/early summer flowers!!

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