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mutant tomato ?

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by pagarden on July 06, 2006 03:26 PM
does anyone else have weird mutant tomato plants? this is not the first year but when my plants grow the braches that set the fruit (don't know if they have an actual name) i get little flower buds then maybe baby maters on the end closest to the stalk- all pretty normal stuff- but then at the end of that where the smallest flowers are it'll start to grow another branch! with leaves and all. it's mostly the cherry maters because on the bigger ones i only let about 5 or so maters then i snip the end of the branch so it'll use the energy to grow those and not 8 or so on each branch. and last year i noticed each leafy branch would get nice and thick and strong and then start growing another branch (like a sucker) out of the middle of it! not by the main stalk literally up from the middle of the branch. is this all pretty normal stuff or do i have mutants? i've never noticed it before in FL, maybe i just didn't pay enough attention but even my mom who's still in FL has never heard of such a thing. weird stuff....
by johnCT on July 07, 2006 12:29 AM
I just noticed a similar trait with my Cherokee Purple plant the other day. It seems to set fruit on a regular branch rather then on a seperate blossom truss. Not really a cherry though. It's probably a specific genetic trait on certain varieties. Which variety is it happening on for you?

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John - Zone 6

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