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by topcat on August 09, 2005 12:34 AM
I am starting to research grass types for my yard.

I would appreciate any feedback about grass types, but I will also tell you what I am looking for in terms of types.

First I would like a grass that is soft.
Also a slow growing grass(if there is such a thing)
It also needs to be a hardy type that can stand up to our highs and lows with out dying. Highs are up to the low to mid 30's C and lows can be as cold as minus 50 C.

And one that does not require much in the way of fertilizing.

I just lost the rest of my thought so this will have to do to begin with.

by The Plant Doc on August 09, 2005 08:49 AM
I think fine or red fecues would fit your needs although I am not too sure what effect the ultra low temps would have. I think you are more then likely too cold for bluegrasses and the ryes may be a bit too wide bladed for your taste.

We get down to about -40c ( extreme ) here and it does fine

Hope this helps

* * * *
Mike Maier
The Plant Doc
by SuzyQ on August 12, 2005 08:14 AM
Hi Topcat. I was wondering what part of Alberta you're in. I'm near Edmonton myself. I know we've had rare occasions here over the years when it actually hit -40C but can't remember a 50 below. [shocked] That might be enough to make me scurry off to ummmm,... Airdrie! lol (Although windchill factors have put us that low.)

Anyway, I had very good success growing Kentucky Blue Grass in Edmonton over the years. Winter kill was never a problem. (Except for the dog... but that's another story. [Roll Eyes] )

Just thought I'd mention it. One Albertan to another.

by topcat on August 13, 2005 07:58 AM
Thanks Suzy, I live just south of you about 1 hr south of Red Deer. I was noticing that the grass farm in Innisfail has Kentucky blue grass but in sods not seeds(no what is left of my yard isn't worth using them). The rate the weather is going its going to be next fall before I can see the grass!!
by SuzyQ on August 13, 2005 11:20 PM
Oh I know, Topcat! I feel like we've only had about 7 or 8 nice days all summer so far. There's been so much rain up here that mushrooms are sprouting up on my lawn.

I wonder if you can find Kentucky Blue Grass seed online or something. If I hear of anything I'll let you know. I'm definitely no expert but I think I heard that it's okay to plant the seed in the fall, but maybe somebody here more knowledgable than I, can confirm or deny that.
by topcat on August 14, 2005 12:08 AM
I am going to call our feed mill later(gotta ask about a pig they had the other day) and I know they had grass seed in a few weeks ago. I will see what they have now.

Hey you live in my neck of the woods do you know anywhere that has alpine plants(rock garden aint happening until spring now)?

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