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Is this winter kill?

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by DaisyM on May 23, 2005 07:20 AM
I have to redo my backyard lawn every year. Okay, I do have two dogs, but this year almost all of our lawn was gone, even in places the dogs weren't going. All we had coming back is the edges of the yard. I am getting sick and tired of sowing and sodding every spring. It's a lot of work either way. Is there anything I can do to toughen the lawn up. Also does anyone know what type of grass is used for sod? I never thought to ask, but maybe they are sowing an annual grass? Mind you, we had a dead lawn in places where there wasn't sod, so who knows? Can anyone offer any suggestions?
by Longy on May 23, 2005 12:12 PM
It could be a number of things. Insufficient drainage, incorrect Ph. Lack of sunlight. Wrong type of grass for the area you're in etc. Dig a small hole say about 100mm across and 300mm deep and fill it with water. Time how long it takes to drain away. It should be drained away in a few hours maximum for say a cooch lawn grass.

Also, do a Ph test. There are kits available for this from about $10. Very simple and really handy in the garden too. Do a few samples from various parts of the yard. If the Ph is wrong, esp if too sour, the grass will die off when it gets cold and you'll possibly get broadleaf weeds and maybe fungus or moulds growing.

Check the type of grass is suitable to your winter. Some places will sell you the wrong stuff just to make a buck. Find out what types of grass do well in your area and use one of them.

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