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Just for fun... whose got baby veggies?

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by Marina on May 28, 2006 05:39 AM
Hey all... Maybe this isn't the right place for it... but I would looooove to see what you've all got blooming. Since this is my first year I don't know what a lot of this stuff is supposed to look like.... here's what I've got.... what do you all have? [Smile]

Cayennne Pepper:


Bell Pepper:




Strawberries (anyone know if I can eat the weird shaped one?



And my favorite... cherry tomatos.... anyone know how long till they will turn red?

by 'Sparagus on May 28, 2006 06:48 AM
Wow! Look at that cayenne. And the tomatoes! I just have baby peas here. You can eat the weird strawberry...not sure how long for the tomatoes, they look pretty green to me.

Ill try to get some pics of my peas later [wavey]

by Deborah L. on May 28, 2006 07:34 AM
I have baby Celebrity tomatoes, baby peas, and strawberries.
I eat the weird shaped strawberries, but not any that have bite marks or holes.
Some of my tomatoes are cat faced, and I see no reason not to eat them. I examine the bottoms, and if there are any holes, even pinholes, out they go for the crows and squirrels. I don't wanna eat a bug ! [Razz]

* * * *
by DeepCreekLake on May 28, 2006 11:13 AM
Do baby pears count? I have two dwarf Bartletts trees,loaded with babys, bosc pear has a few, Seckel pear has one, Moonglow pear has a bunch, Duchess pear has a bundle, and potomac pear is loaded too. Reliance peach has baby peaches starting to form, and my Belle Of Georgia has a few little ones too! Maxim Strawberrys are starting to make green strawberrys, gooseberry bush has a bunch of berries too! Apples are still blooming around here- to early to tell if any will set yet. Have 5 cayennes that are inside my house that have a bunch of peppers on them too! (the other are outside in greenhouse-getting ready to put in)
by Christina68 on May 28, 2006 12:26 PM
I would wait until the tomatoes are red to pick, for the best taste, maybe in two weeks to a month before they will be ready.

Your use to seeing the best of the best Strawberrys in the stores, that one you have is just fine to eat.. and your notice other strange looking strawberrys also, but all will be fine to eat.. If they are black. or mussy don't eat them. [Wink]

The Bell pepper is more likely still a month away, when they are bigger, ( your know when it is time to pick them, a bell pepper if left long enough on the vine will turn red on the vine (Yum!)

Cayennne Pepper, You can pick them any size, also like a bell pepper, you can leave until they turn to a deep red... I pick when they are about 3-4 inchs long.

My veggies havent' done very well this year, too cool, then turned HOT...
but I have some small squash, and small tomatoes coming on right now.. My tomaotes are "Big Boys".
and I usally get to start picking around the 4th of July for the Tomatoes.
The squash should be ready to pick in the next few days here.
My cucumbers are also late... and my Orka hasn't even broke the ground yet [Frown]

* * * *
by 'Sparagus on May 28, 2006 12:32 PM
gooseberry bush has a bunch of berries too!
Thanks for reminding could I forget! Tons of baby gooseberries [Smile]

by Deborah L. on May 28, 2006 01:34 PM
I love Bartlett pears. Sure wish we could grow them here.
I buy alot of them this time of year.
What a feast !

* * * *
by Patty S on May 28, 2006 02:22 PM
Marina, it looks like your veggies have a real nice start there... good going! [thumb] My plants are still in their starter pots, waiting for the rain to stop!

I'm only impatient because I want to get back outside & play in the dirt, but it's been raining for a week now! I thought our annual Spring rain vigil had skipped us this year, but we couldn't be so lucky!  - Last year I had to dig all my peppers, melons & tomatoes back up & put them in pots, so they wouldn't die from having their feet in water constantly, but once the rain stopped & I put them back, they all went nuts & caught right up! [Smile]

As for your question about the strawberry... it's STILL a strawberry, go ahead & eat it! (Maybe you've noticed that people don't all come in identical or ideal shapes, either!) [Big Grin] Actually, there's nothing wrong with the "weird shaped one"... most of the time, srawberries will develop a weird shape if they don't get enough water while they're forming... but yours doesn't look mutated enough for that to be the case... In fact, it looks pretty healthy, to me!

During our hot spell (mid-summer) if I don't water mine 2-3 times a day, some will malform & be smaller than "normal". but they still eat good. If that happens again this year (almost inevitabe), I'll post a picture.

* * * *
by Marina on May 29, 2006 06:03 AM
Thanks to all for replying, none of those baby veggies would be here without the help of ya'll [Embarrassed] )

Thanks to all for letting me know the strawberry is OK to eat, I think we are going to get it and eat it today [Smile]

Deepcreeklake--> baby pears definetly count, that sounds soooo cute [Smile] I think I might like baby veggies even more then the real big thing lol. But then again... I love miniature stuff so, possibly I am just a weirdo in that way!!

Patty and Christina thank you so much for the answers.

I am dying for those tomatoes... but I will let then do their thing for a few more weeks [Smile] As for the cayenne pepper... its not going to be safe for too much longer, lol [Wink]

Now that these things are starting there doesn't seem to be any way to stop them.

If any of you get photos make sure to post, I am super curious what other's "babies" look like [Smile]
by DeepCreekLake on May 29, 2006 08:08 AM
I like big pears, better than babys, lol, they taste alot better! I have 15 pear trees in my orchard, cant wait until the other types are big enough to produce fruit! The seckel pears are small pears when ripe, and are very sweet (often called sugar pears) Also Stuttgarter Gheishirtle (a pear from Germany) pears are small when fully ripe too! Deborah-I agree Bartlett pears are good!
by n00bGardener on May 29, 2006 02:50 PM
I have nothing yet. [Razz] . Just a few radishes that are creeping above the ground but other than that
I have small plants and no sign af any actual product.. I think I may have done something wrong. :'(
by Marina on May 29, 2006 04:10 PM
LOL. Radishess... my arch nemisis [Wink] Thats the one thing I cannot get to work. I would loooove to have some of those.

I know how you feel about possibly doing somethingn wrong... the folks on this site are the sole reason for anything at all growing right now. I have killed evertyhing I have tried to grow instead before this year and I had never tried to grow anything inside before
by nmlAlba-dC15 on May 30, 2006 04:46 PM
Hi Marina...
has da package i sent u arrived..? m rather worried that it may get confiscated or anything... yours has not arrived yet up to date...again very worried here coz if i remember correctly u said u sent somewhere on da 11 o 12th of May, right??
Well..letz see what today might bring...
[wavey] norhaini

* * * *
i believe that somewhere in da darkest night...a candle glows,
i believe for every drop of rain that falls...a flower grows....
by Shawn M on May 30, 2006 10:41 PM
Hello all. I have my first cherry tomatoes (not quite 1/2" diameter). Amazing enough, the 3 I started upside down are the first with fruit.

Also have the beginning of some peppers.

Good luck everyone!

by Deborah L. on June 01, 2006 01:04 PM
Pear trees........oooooohhhhh..... !
(That's me being envious !)

* * * *
by Sorellina on June 03, 2006 11:20 AM
Ciao all,

Baby pears, plums, cherries, and strawberries are happening. Flowers on snow and snap peas, radicchio is just about bolted its way to heaven along with the bok choi, arugula is struggling with the heat, but the 2nd planting is starting to sprout, red and green romaines are coming along, radishes of various colours and sizes have made their way into salads, carrots are still too tiny to harvest. Only flowers so far on the tomato plants, which just made it into the garden a few weeks ago. Small peppers of various shades, shapes, and sizes are happening but none ripe so far. We've got tons of herbs, but I'm not sure they count as a baby veggie, lol.


* * * *
by 'Sparagus on June 03, 2006 01:17 PM
Here's some baby veggies I pulled up while weeding my peas!


'spar [flower]
by 'Sparagus on June 03, 2006 01:19 PM
WHOA sorry so big!!! [Embarrassed]
by Firstyeargardener2006 on June 04, 2006 06:52 AM

I am so very jealous of your strawberries I have to plants one is not doing anything, but sitting there. The other one is growing runners and no strawberries. My tomatoes are growing crazy and as for my watermelon will something is eating the watermelon every time it starts a small one.

But I want you to know that even though I am jealous your babies look very good and lovely.

Keep up the good work.

* * * *

I sit in my vegetable garden so that I can see them grow.
by Deborah L. on June 04, 2006 04:30 PM
'Sparagus-how cool is that ! I wanna do carrots too. I'd freak to pull fresh carrots from the soil !
I wonder if they taste better than the store ones?

* * * *
by Rosepetal on June 04, 2006 05:31 PM
Sparagus --- I can taste those carrots already.

Great looking veggies.

I have tiny zucchini growing on my plants too.

Deborah, store bought carrots do not compare to home grown carrots, the home grown ones are much sweeter.

* * * *
For this "New Year" help me to be kinder and more loving to all around me, I pray.
by tkhooper on June 05, 2006 12:08 AM
I have a lot of baby tomatoes and one that already turned red and was harvested and eaten lol. I love growing my own veggies. And the green peppers are very happy. I already save several that are working on becoming very nice peppers indeed. I'm so excited by them. I don't plant many veggies basically just the tomatoes and peppers but I did do a number of different herbs this year and who knows maybe I'll have more next year.

* * * *
by 'Sparagus on June 06, 2006 12:54 PM
Deborah, this is my first time growing carrots, but my SIL says NOTHING is like a fresh carrot! I did eat the ones in the picture and honestly they did not taste very good. Im hoping that's because they were SO tiny, but maybe it's a bad sign.... [scaredy]

by pagarden on June 07, 2006 02:14 AM
sparagus- where they bitter? maybe it's our soil- i'm up in poconos. i tried first year i washere and honestly they were yucky. very bitter and blech! i've noticed if i buy the organic ones from the store they have a million times better taste!

as for me- i have baby sugar snap peas, a tiny baby cucumber- still has the flower on the end that's how tiny! LOL a bunch of baby baby tomatoes and 1 baby yeloow squash. that's it for now.
by Muskrat on June 07, 2006 09:44 AM
I have two tomato plants on my balcony in great big pots... and there are now baby tomatoes!!! My husband and I are soooo looking forward to fresh tomatoes! I am also growing lettuce in a window box out my bedroom window. And basil too... mmmmm I can hardly wait!

by Tamara from Minnesota on June 07, 2006 10:44 AM
Yesterday I had only tomato flowers and today the early girl has a little tomato. What fun! [flower]

* * * *
by 'Sparagus on June 07, 2006 12:34 PM
where they bitter? maybe it's our soil- i'm up in poconos
Pagarden...hmmm, I think maybe they were bitter-ish. These were growing in a raised bed that has all delivered soil, but it's gotta still be from this area, I suppose. You are practically a neighbor, being in the poconos! [wavey]

by Deborah L. on June 07, 2006 02:11 PM
'Sparagus, maybe the next ones will be good.
I have baby bell peppers, baby basil, baby lemons,
and lots of baby squirrels and one baby rabbit.
Also baby strawberries, the grown ups I eat as soon as they're ripe. The strawberries, that is. LOL !
I let them go one more day before I pick, I like them dark red and sweet.

* * * *

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