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Tomato (Roma) not fruiting

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by beznsarah on May 25, 2006 04:34 AM
I have 2 Roma tomato plants that have only given about 2-3 tomatoes since I planted them. It looks like they're full size. What could i be doing wrong?

Over the last 2-3 weeks they have both flowered quite a bit but all of the flowers dry up and fall off. They are not flowering as much now. I wonder if their useful life is over because they are determinate, is it time to take them out and replant new ones?

I provided slow release fertilizer mixed in with the soil at planting, other than that no other fertilization. We've been watering them about every other day although on occasion we've forgotten and they have wilted but upon watering they perk back up.

Here's a picture of one of them now, about 3.5 ft high. You can see some yellowing and drying up of the lower leaves, I'm not sure if that is normal.

Thanks !
by johnCT on May 25, 2006 04:38 AM
Probably the heat curtailing pollination of the flowers. Determinates normally produce a flush of fruit all at once midseason. I wouldn't get rid of it though. The yellowing leaves is most likely disease of some sort.

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John - Zone 6
by peppereater on May 25, 2006 06:29 AM
That yellowing looks like it could be early blight. It's not fatal. Your plants are in a particularly hot place there with the brick wall and the patio. If you've got a cooler place to move them to, that could help them set fruit.

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