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Side-by-side jasmines performing differently

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by Brendo on January 09, 2006 05:03 AM
I'm utterly frustrated. Year ago i moved into a townhome with two 4 foot high jasmines on north-facing wall (i.e. mostly shade). I wanted to give all existing plants a year to see how they'd perform before I made any landscaping decisions.
Last Spring 1 jasmine sprouted new vine growth with nice glossy dark green leaves. The growth was not spectacular, I should add, but it was healthy. The other jasmine a few feet away did absolutely nothing. I'm talking zero growth. Not until very late in the summer did it finally grow maybe 3 inches of new growth. And the existing last-season leaves/branches actually started to go brittle and snap off. Early on I could tell this plant was not performing as well so all season i played with water level, fertilizer, etc but nothing helped. Both plants have identical water and sun. I'm pulling this baby out unless someone has ideas. Leaf blight? I dunno...I'm not an expert...but I definitely ain't going thru another disappointing season with this plant.
Thanks for any tips.
by tkhooper on January 09, 2006 08:43 PM
Well I'm just a beginner but I would take some cuttings and start some new plants from it. Plants just like the rest of us do get old and die and that may be what is occurring althought I don't have anyway to prove that's your problem. I love jasmine and can't wait to get my own plant but at 10.00 for one plant they are very pricey. Do you know what kind of jasmine you have? I want the arabian jasmine.

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