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by StigNasty on June 11, 2005 01:57 AM
Hi all. I live in Southern Alberta, about 50 miles north of the Montana border. I was given three trees (no idea what kind) three years ago. At the time they were just sticks about 10 or 12 inches long. I'm amazed that they've survived this long considering their circumstances. Each of them is about 7 feet tall now, but I need some help.

We built our house on the edge of the city, literally next to a farm. The first winter (before we had neighbors or a fence) rabbits came and chewed all three down to the soil.

Over the past two summers we've had a plague of huge grasshoppers. They killed a few plants in our front yard, but these three trees survived.

Now we've other bug problems.The first tree has wide lighter green leafs. It's covered with bugs. There are aphids that clump up around the branches. Then there are black flys that crawl around the leaves. Ants and ladybugs also frequent the tree, as well as a couple of bugs that are completely unfamiliar to me.

Finally, I have a 13 year old daughter who is seriously allergic to some pesticides. We haven't experimented to find out which, we've just tried to keep her clear of all of them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


This bug is pictured on the apple tree, but it (and its relatives) usually hangs out on the "bug tree."
This guy was eating a black fly.
by squints on June 19, 2005 04:18 PM
The Aphids are there to suck the sap from the trees. The ants are more than likely milking the Aphids for the sweet necture they produce and will protect them. The Lady Bugs are eating the Aphids when the ants are not gaurding them. The Black Flies I dont know about. But the other bug that is eating one in the picture looks like a Robber Fly, he will not harm the tree and likes to dine on the flies. I would let him and his relatives do what they can to keep down the flies. Try putting a mild soapy solution on the trees to rid it of the Aphids. However do not harm the Lady Bugs if you can help it, maybe just the soapy solution in a spray bottle and sprayed on the clumps of Aphids will help alot. If the ants are getting on the trees from the ground and going up the trunk you could try putting some fly paper around it to stop them in their tracks. (Sticky side out of course) And then they wont be present to gaurd the Aphids from the Lady Bugs.
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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