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Fuschia's and Mealy Bugs

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by RedJag on May 07, 2005 12:38 AM
I noticed mealybugs on my Fushia's 10 days ago. They weren't too bad but bad enough to bug me! [Roll Eyes]

Home Depot told me to spray an Organicide made of 92% fish oils and retreat in 7-10 days. I spoke to another person at the store who suggested I switch between a systemic spray and the oil for complete control.

Last Friday, April 29th I coated the hanging plants with the fish oils (using a pump spray and followed directions on the bottle), I noticed the mealy bugs going away, but so have the leaves. I've lost at least 3/4 of the leaves off the plant. I do see new green growth, so I'm not completely upset about the loss of leaves.

Today, May 6th, I used the systemic spray suggested by clerk #2. Can't give you an update since it's too soon.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my leaf loosing Fuschia? Does my situation sound common?

Thanks so much! [perplexed]
by Longy on May 09, 2005 04:11 PM
Did you happen to spray the oil based spray when the sun was warm to hot? The oil can heat up to a point where it will burn the leaves. Best to do it in the cool of a late afternoon. Alternatively you may have mixed the strength too strong. Sounds like the plant is coming back ok though. A half strength liquid fert now may help with that.

Personally i'd stay with the oil spray. Lots of wasps and hoverflies as well as other insects will be able to help you out if you keep it organic. The hoverflies lay their eggs amongst the mealy bugs and their larvae eat 'em.

Systemics. Bah. But that's just my opinion:)

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