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To Pinch or not to Pinch?

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by Marina on May 06, 2006 05:39 AM
Hey all [Smile]

Well wonders of wonders... but my pepper plants and possibly soon some tomato plants are growing flowers.... should I pinch these first flowers off? Do I pinch dead leaves off?

Also... how do I pinch them? right at the flower, the stem?

I am a bit confused [Smile]

by johnCT on May 06, 2006 07:37 AM
How long have they been planted? How tall? Pinching dead or diseased leaves is always a good idea. Make sure to discard them though. Don't leave them in the garden or compost pile.

* * * *
John - Zone 6
by Longy on May 06, 2006 12:44 PM
Don't take the flowers off though. Early fruit is good and is often induced by stressing the plants when they are young. Like when transplanting or from irregular watering. Whatever the reason, you're growing for the fruit and that starts with flowers.

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The secret is the soil.
by ChristinaC on May 06, 2006 01:11 PM
If you don't have them in the ground yet...pinch the flowers off....then the plant will put more energy into growing larger, thus producing more fruit.

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by Marina on May 08, 2006 03:24 AM
Thanks for the answers to all. As a quick follow up question...where do I cut or pinch off the flowers? At the base of the flower, or so I pick off the entire small green stem they grow off of. I know this isn't the flower forum, but is it the same for flowers?

Thanks all and hope you have a great Sunday [Wink]


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