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by awerawer on March 21, 2005 02:02 AM
I've had this plant for at least six years, and took it from a rather small specimen to a quite large and healthy one. In the last several months, though, it has become quite unhappy and the leaves are turning yellow starting at the margins--I've done research on bacterial infections, but none seem to 'fit' the description of what's happening to my plant. It continues to produce new leaves, but even on the babies, spots appear on the margins that are first translucent, then spread over the leaf, ultimately killing it. I replanted it, in case the roots were getting too wet, and have removed the diseased leaves and put it in the place in the house that it seemed happiest. I thought we were doing well, but noticed yesterday that one of the new leaves has another spot. I love this plant and really don't want to lose her--if anyone has had this problem and has suggestions on what might help I would be very grateful! Like I said, it doesn't appear to be bacterial leaf blight, and I don't think it's over watering causing the problem. THANKS to anyone who can help!!
by Amy R. on March 21, 2005 09:09 PM
Hey there,
I wish I knew the answer to your problem, because I have experienced the same thing with my philodendron. Mine is inside though, so if we don't get a response here, we can post one in the houseplant section. In the meantime, hopefully someone will come along and help us out! [Smile]
by awerawer on March 22, 2005 01:56 AM
Hi Amy! Thanks for the reply--I'm very concerned about my plant & will check in the house plant section (probably a better area) to see if you've had any responses to the question. May I ask you if your plants leaves start with the translucent spot on the margin, then become yellower, then eventually dry out & these areas turn brown? That seems to be the progression with my plant. Thanks again for the response & hopefully we can figure this problem out together!
by awerawer on March 22, 2005 03:56 AM
[lala] about I post one in the other section?! I'm a bit new to this forum thingie...

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