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Dim Bulb Question end of first season lol

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by tkhooper on September 08, 2005 02:54 AM
I've been thinking...yes, a very dangerous thing for me to do, I agree.

And I'm wondering, if I want to add companion plants to the beds I planted bulbs in this year how do I figure out where to plant them next spring. Do I have to wait until the bulbs come up or is there another way to do it. Like should I put somekind of little marker by the plant this year so I know where they are before they come up?
by MaryReboakly on September 08, 2005 04:52 AM
Hmm here I am, thinking too - get us both in the same thread thinking, and it becomes a really scary place.

I think people use plant markers to mark where the bulbs are - but I can't imagine them surviving in place through the winter...between neighbor dogs and wind and stuff.... I dunno, but I sure would like to know too.

* * * *
by tkhooper on September 08, 2005 05:00 AM
Well I can see me come spring digging with archeologist tools so I don't damage the bulbs that are already in place. LOL this is going to be a trip I can tell already. Can you just imagine how the strings are going to be running next year. Well I found that bulb I thought I'd lost lol. hheheheheh I think I'm losing it. Must be time to watch Gilmore girls and give you all a break for awhile.
by MaryReboakly on September 08, 2005 05:21 AM
[Big Grin] Hey there's an idea...we can tie a string around each bulb. Losely of course. Let it trail up out of the soil so we can see exactly where it is. Good grief I think we've lost it [nutz] Now there's a newsflash. [Big Grin]

* * * *
by Karrie on September 08, 2005 06:24 AM
I did the plant marker thing. I think it will work fine. My flower bed area is in the front yard where it is no mans land. All the kids in the neighborhood know this. There are a few who will not stay outta my pond still though. I also made a few areas that are bulbs only and on those areas I plan on sprinkling zennia seeds after the first frost. This way I will have spring bulbs and then the zennia after that. Then come fall I pull the zennia and wait for my bulbs to bloom again. I hope my plan works. [dunno]

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