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Question about My Seed Potatoes

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by Marina on April 27, 2006 04:41 AM
Hello all [Wink]

I am about to start planting my potatoes (first time planting them or anything else) and I realize that I don't know the very basic things about growing [Smile] I have these seed potatoes and I was wondering if they look normal. I know they should have stuff growing out of them but this seems weird to me. (picture below)

As another much potatoe per seed potatoe planted should I expect? I want to ensure having enough but couldn't find this info [Smile]
Also... I am planning on doing the tire method. Anyone advice for me? I really want to have baby potatoes as they are so expensive from the grocery and I love them. Is this method OK for that?

Thanks for any input! [Wink]



by Longy on April 27, 2006 07:59 AM
Hi Marina, your seed potatoes are supposed to have those shoots, though it looks like they have a bit of fungus growing on them already which is not great. Did you buy certified disease free ones or just grab some from the store?
I got 2KG per potato growing in well prepared soil last season, in tyres i think you'd get less. The tyre method doesn't seem to be as good as growing in the ground or under straw but it does work. It will dry out easily too so watch your moisture levels. The richer the soil, the more spuds you'll get.

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by comfrey on April 27, 2006 04:49 PM
To keep down a fungus problem you can powder your potatoes before planting with sulfur.

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by dodge on April 28, 2006 12:53 PM
To get more potatoes to plant.. Those things are called eyes.. Where they sprout.. You can cut the potato into small pieces with an eye on each piece and plant them .. About 8 inches apart..

They grow great till the potato bugs get to them.. That is a problem..

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by Marina on April 29, 2006 01:36 AM
Thank you for the replies.

I am about to plant them today and I just realized I am not sure how to plant the seed potatoes I got from the (cringe) home depot. They have stalks (some with leaves already???) and then roots. Should I plant leave side up and root side down? Or spread out the roots?

Also... we are planting some in the ground and some in tires (I wanted a crop of baby potatoes and some to leave in the ground/tire longer and I couldn't find the infon anywhere). Does anyone know which method is better/easier for new potatoes? And how to harvest them?

I really feel like a dolt you guys are so helpful thank you [Smile]

!!!!! Marina-

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