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Question about Cherry tree's and Apple tree's

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by Starla in GA on April 24, 2006 03:56 PM
I decided to move this post from tree's and shrubs to here to see if I might get more responces.



Today I bought a red delicious apple tree and a Tartan black cherry tree.

NOW I am reading that they need to be pollinated however other sites call the cherry tree (this specific one) self pollinating so which is true????

I have a flowering crab apple growing in the front yard , so would that work as a pollinator for my red delicious??

What about the Black cherry?? Do I need another cherry tree?

1 more Q My mother planted a red dog wood and a white dogwood together (in the same hole) so that it would grow as 1 and bloom multi colored...... could I do that with 2 different cherry tree's???

I am so out of my element with trees!

So any ideas??

Thanks so much!!

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by DeepCreekLake on April 25, 2006 07:28 AM
Not many apples are self fertile-most need a pollinator. One of the best trees for pollinating is a Gold delicous apple- apparently it blooms at 3 phases (early, mid and late) It is often dubbed "Rooster Tree". A gold delicous will set some fruit on its own, but will set more and better fruit with another tree. Pollination really depends on Cultivar, some are self fertile, some are not for any tree fruit. Goldens are great for pollinating Red Delicous. Also see if any of your neighbors nearby have apple trees, this may be all thats needed to pollinate. Im not sure of crab apples- Ive heard they will pollinate apples, but they must bloom at the same time. Sweet Cherry usally need a pollinator. Usally your tag that comes on your tree will tell you if you need a pollinator.

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