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by NearWater on May 26, 2005 08:14 PM
I grew a Silver Maple from seed, it was a house plant for years. I topped it twice when it was young so the trunk quickly split into four about a foot from the ground. Not what you usually see in a yard.

Advantages? The tree will not grow as tall. Disadvantages? Higher risk of wind damage.

To counter the wind threat the tree needs companions. I considered Oak but I can live without the acorns. I considered Sugar and Red Maple. I found some Tulip Popular (cool looking flower huh?) seeds and decided that would should be the major companion for my Silver. When it's large enough, I'll tranplant it south-by-southeast of the Silver. I have an Eastern Red Cedar growing in it's shade straight north. I'll add a dogwood north-by-north east, a Crabapple well west and another evergreen something in there somewhere.

Woodscaping? Primarily natives, grown in clusters, that provide food and shelter for wildlife as a landscape concept.
by floweraddict on June 10, 2005 09:00 AM
I find the Eastern Red Cedar to be a very valuable tree. It provides the home owner privacy and shade. Birds love it for nesting and it gives them protection and shelter from the harsh weather.

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