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by jmacd on June 03, 2005 10:15 PM
Does anyone have a unique idea for dressing up those T-shaped clothesline posts? I only use mine for drying blankets etc. and would like to do something really cute like add trellises or -- whatever. You tell me.
by tkhooper on June 03, 2005 11:01 PM
Trellises would be a very neat idea with climbing vines of one type or another on them and then something near their feet/roots in a half circle leaving the inside where the blankets would hang bare. Depending on how wide you wanted to go there are so many possibilities of materials you could use. You could wrap some moss mats around the pole with chicken wire and grow shallow rooted plants right on it or you could put up a tall section of wrought iron like longy has and have a vine extravaganza. Or the fan shaped trellises they have in plastic with climbing roses covering them. Some of them even come without thorns which your blankets would probably approve of. lol Or you could use twine from the ends of the "T" section and woven into a kind of net and do sweet peas and miniature morning glories. There isn't really any limit to the possibilities. Here's another. Sun catchers attached end to end from the "T" bar all the way down with the vines climbing up those. Expensive but unique and eye catching. Use a miniature vine for that one so you don't lose the suncatchers to the leaves and blooms.

Hope something here is helpful.

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