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My poor rose bush

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by SF Sharon on May 02, 2004 11:59 PM
My rose bush has lost most of it's leaves. There are a few roses left but only one branch that seems alive. Eery new growth gets covered with aphids. I hate pesticide but soapy water spray doesn't seem to work. HELP!!
by Jiffymouse on May 03, 2004 02:33 AM
[wayey] hi sharon [wayey] welcome to the garden helper. glad you joined us! i am sorry i don't really have an answer to your dilema. from everything i have read, garlic is supposed to put the stop to aphids, but i think that is only if you grow it as a companion plant. however, there are other members who know more than i do who will be along during the week. someone will have an answer for ya!
by Jon on May 04, 2004 04:45 PM
The Bug Lady may have more to say on this - - but ... if I were you I would go to a local nursery and purchase a bag or two of lady bugs. Admittedly, not all nurseries sell them - but many do. It's my understanding that lady bugs - besides being nice to look at - - have a great appitite for aphids. I bought a couple bags of them (if I recall I paid something like $3 - $4 ) a couple years ago to use between mine and my mom's places. Thought I had lost them - but each spring there they are - and I don't seem to have a problem with anything other than grasshoppers - - now, for a "good" bug for them. Between mom and me, we have 12 or so rose bushes and trees.

by GENEG69 on May 05, 2004 02:22 AM
Hi sf Sharon,
I need a little more detail on your rose bush on
the leaves. Is something eating them or are they just falling off.I don't think aphids are causing the leaves to fall. They hang around the bottom of
the flowers and might eat a few holes in the
flowers but they don't care that much for leaves.
They also might cover the buds. I would suggest
Go to OSH and ask them what's going on. I use a
Spectracide spray on mine. It is for disease or
insects. Your soap solution may not be strong enough. Also the American Rose Society has a good website on rose pests ypu could try.
Hope this helps.


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