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Wanna see my indoor garden???

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by noneofyourbusiness on February 26, 2005 06:07 AM
Here it is. I'll be adding more pictures at a later time so check back again!
The None of Your Business Garden
by afgreyparrot on March 05, 2005 03:36 PM
Cool! [thumb]
All I needed was a bottle of "Hidden Valley Ranch" and I could have had a nice salad!


* * * *
Buckle up! It makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car!
by weezie13 on March 06, 2005 07:16 PM
Hey, [shocked] how'd I miss [tears] this post!!????!!!???

I'd been wondering if you snagged us any
pictures!! [dunno]

Very nice indeed!!! [thumb] [thumb]
Yeah, serve up the salad, I'll bring the dressing.

You've done alot of work there!!!
Thanks again for all your help!!!


* * * *

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- Bible - Hebrews 13:2

by noneofyourbusiness on March 06, 2005 07:40 PM
No problem Weezie!!
Ya, it's been quite a bit of work, but the hardest part is scheduling the veggies! lol I try to have it so something gets picked every week. I have alot of time on my hands. I'm on disability, and have a small child at home, so I'm home all the time. This is what I do to pass the time away while my wife is at work. I've always done veggies, and recently started trying flowers, however I am having some problems with the flowers, but I'm working on it! lol They depend more on the light cycle than veggies do. With most of the veggies, you can put them under 12/12 right away. Therefore I've only ever needed a small cupboard for stuff like tomatoes and beans, to get them buy on a different light cycle until they're ready for 12/12. However, almost all flowers require specific light schedules. So I've had some relly nice flower plants, but no flowers on them yet lol. Oh well, I got a whole life time to figure it out!!

Just planted a whole new crop yesterday. Corn, Lettuce, celery, beans, onions and tomatoes, and watermelon, along with some more flowers. I'll have some pics once they get a little bigger. The ones I posted are all doing great. Took down the lettuce the other day. That stuff was FUNKY. Never seen anything grow like that. I got 2 heads from one seed! wierd.....
by glenskinz on December 16, 2005 11:35 AM
Any recent photos? I just started and i had some questions for you.
by noneofyourbusiness on December 16, 2005 12:52 PM
Sure, here's a few.  -
 -  -

That's all I got for now. I switched to just indoor plants. Too much work all the time doing veggies. I also switched to 400W lights instead, cheaper on the hydro.

To answer your PM, you can do almost anything indoors. I've done lots of stuff. As long os you have he room to grow it, go ahead. If you start to run out of room (ceiling), some plants, like tomatoes, can be trained to grow low, by either cutting the top off, or bending the stalk down.
I wouldn't suggest the corn, unless you have allot of room. It looked coo, but I didn't realize the plination requirements of corn. You have to grow it in bulk, in order for it to polinate correctly, and get good corn. I only got one ear of corn from 3 plants.

Hope this helps!

By the way, does anyone have any suggestions for my rubber plant? I can't get it to stop growing, so I want to clone it, and start over. But I'm having problems clonning it. They keep dying. I've tried putting it right into soil. I've tried leaving it in water until roots sprout. I've tried 3 different kinds of rooting hormones. Nothing seems to work. Anyone with any experience??
by tkhooper on December 17, 2005 04:12 AM
I'm very tempted by your pineapple. Or at least I think it is a pineapple. I like the way the fronds look. I need to trash my tomato plants that I drowned. Ho hum, I just can't do it yet. But soon.

* * * *
by noneofyourbusiness on December 17, 2005 06:57 AM
Although it does look axactly like a pinaple, it's not. I'm not sure of the name of it, but it's a tropical plant, that lives for hundreds of years. I've had it about 5 years now, it's about 7 years old.

I thought it was a pinapple also at first. lol
by comfrey on December 17, 2005 02:27 PM
What kind of cactus do you have noneofyourbuiness????

* * * *
by Cricket on December 17, 2005 06:04 PM
Love your Sago palm (Cycas cirinalis). [Cool] They are not true palms but Cycads, which are among the oldest plants on earth and have unchanged for millions of years.

by noneofyourbusiness on December 18, 2005 01:57 AM
"Cycas cirinalis", that's what it was. lol. I used to know that, I had the tag it came with. As for the rest of them, I don't really know the names of them. They're mostly plants I got from friends that were dying. The only ones I know are the Jade plant, the rubber plant, and the ivy. lol If you all can help with the rest, feel free! lol

I'll put up some better pictures of each plant later today so you can all help me identify them. Then I can make up new tags and I'll never forget again! lmao
by ServantsHeart2003 on December 18, 2005 07:46 AM
by t_d_guy on December 18, 2005 11:16 AM
not ranch but french.i'll be over too! [wavey] [wavey] [wavey] [wavey]
by glenskinz on December 22, 2005 01:29 AM
Thanks for posting new pics. I've actually harvested around 5-6 fist sized tomotoes so i guess as the first time out i'm doing ok if i have fruit.
by Wizzard on December 22, 2005 10:01 AM
does anyone know a good place to look up container sizes for various vegetables?

* * * *
Wizzards pics
by noneofyourbusiness on March 31, 2006 02:40 PM
I just updated my pics for all that want to see: My INDOOR garden

by MissJamie on March 31, 2006 03:16 PM
hi there! I haven't seen you around in a LONG time! great pics! please hang around alot more! we miss ya around here!

* * * *
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by Riany on April 02, 2006 12:03 AM
This Plant of yours is called a Donkey Tail I have one as well but just in the small bud stage.

by comfrey on April 04, 2006 11:13 AM
Your plants look great noneofyourbusiness!

* * * *

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