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Some Things I Am Looking For....

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by ServantsHeart2003 on December 15, 2006 03:36 AM
I am looking for the following; I only need enough seeds of any one thing for just me. Thanks if you can help!! PM me your Wish List, I just might have some things YOU want, too! I have moved so if you need the address before I can come back and check mails please ask afgreyparrot.

Thanks! Bonnie aka ServantsHeart2003

Tomatoes I Am Looking For:
Black From Tula Black Krim Black Sea Man
Black Zebra Cherokee Purple
Climbing Trip-L-Crop (Italian Tree)
Cuore de Toro (Bull’s Heart) Dinner Plate Elberta Peach Giant Oxheart Granny Smith Hybrid
Moonglow Mortgage Lifter Mr Stripey Nyagous
Oaxacan Pink Opalka Ponderosa Red Red Currant
Red Robin Red Zebra Thessaloniki Tigerella
Tiny Tiger Vintage Wine Zapotec pleated

Peppers I Am Looking For:
Balloon Big Chili II Hybrid Chicken Heart
Fatali Giant Marconi Hybrid
Goliath Griller Hybrid La Rouge Royale
Mexibell Hybrid Mushroom Tazmanian Habanero

Vegetables/Herbs I Am Looking For:
Purple Little Tiger Eggplant Mustard Spinach Razzle Dazzle Spinach Purple Ruffles Basil
Yellow Doll Watermelon

Flowers I Am Looking For:
Chim Chiminee Rudbeckia Sherbert Orange Aster
Tiger Paw Aster Hens & Chicks Poppy
Simba Marigold Total Eclipse Nemophila
African Bride Nigella Red Jewels Nigella
Mojito Salvia Sunset Runner Bean
Bohemian Rhapsody Sunflower (any/all sunflowers)

Plants I Am Looking For:
~ANY Brugmansia I do not have. I don’t have any Brug cuttings left to trade this year but I do have Cannas, Red Spider Lilies and other things to trade.
~Hostas—strong pieces; don’t have to be large but please not tiny ones either.
~tempt me!!

Anything I can't find in trade I will be buying sooner or later so if you are looking also, please let me know and when I have them I will keep you in mind, ok?!

* * * *

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by Jiffymouse on December 15, 2006 12:32 PM
hi bonnie [wavey] glad to see you! i'm moving this to the seed exchange, take care [kissies]

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