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dropmore scarlet honeysuckle

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by Lady Slipper on May 01, 2004 06:41 AM
I posted a question yesterday, but I gues it was in the wrong place. I planted 2 dropmore scarlet honeysuckles last spring. They were about 12-15" tall and grew to about 6'. I was so pleased with them as they attracted a lot of hummingbirds. My question is, should they be pruned? and if so, when and how? Also, when should growth be starting this spring. I check everyday and there is no sign of anything yet. Maybe they winter killed, or perhaps I am being over anxious
by papito on May 01, 2004 04:17 PM
Welcome to The Gardener's Forum.

I don't grow this plant, but found this info from the University of wisconsin:

Check the table for blooming time & other details.

On pruning:
When overgrown, this vine maybe renewed by cutting it back 1' - 1-1/2' above the ground level just above a few strong buds. This rigorous pruning should only be done when the vine is dormant, late fall to early spsring.

* * * *

Amor est vitae essentia.
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by Lady Slipper on May 02, 2004 01:51 AM
Hi Papito
Thank you for finding this helpful info on dropmore honeysuckles. Your help is much appreciated [Wink]

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