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Rambler rose training..........up tree?

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by njoynit on November 17, 2006 05:35 AM
Has anyone trained a rambling rose up a tree?I have a rambler growing on fence& thought of pegging some of it to root& grow up a mimosa tree at end of house.This rose is a once bloomer.It blooms in april.when it'd bloom the mimosa would still be dormant.mimosa grows besides house.i'm sure it would eventually find the roof if hubby didn't figure it out.........(I found an excuse too.....shadeing the roof to help energy cost) The curent one has now covered a 18 ft fence& returning back towards the end it grew from.

Sorry.I'm just not a regular rambler grower.I'm more of a hybrid Tea rose grower,that got sidetracked with brugmansias,but MIL keeps wondering why I don't grow alot of roses anymore.I'm also unsure about pruneing this rambler.I imagine I should have done it when it flowered in april.It actually blooms good.It is a cutting started& this was its 2nd year growing.

I recently cleaned flowerbed out 2 days ago& had the rambler give me a few thorns while trying to re route it.Thats what got me thinking of going up a tree.

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by starfish on November 17, 2006 09:54 PM
I have grown a rambler up a mid-sized tree with reasonable success (it snakes along the branches, tied down, in excess of 20 feet above ground). But I think there are various factors to take into account:
the depth and extent of foliage on the 'parent tree' ie so that there is enough light for the rambler to get established.
feeding and watering: there should be enough nourishment to keep both of them happy.
the tree needs to be robust enough to support the rambler and not get smothered by it.
they should complement each other, both in terms of colouring (flowers and foliage) and 'architecture (ie they shouldnt look ridiculous!)

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