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How to keep a driveway?

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by tudor on August 03, 2004 05:58 AM

This may not be a gardening question, but I don't know where to start. Thanks for your patience, and interest!

I have a driveway on a property in a remote area that I don't get to see regularly, maybe once every 3-6 months. The whole property (72 ha) is covered in trees and brush. Everytime I go there, the driveway is partly grown over with brush and I have to take to it with a brushcutter, which is a slow process.

I'm also considering extending the driveway partway up the property, but I'm dreading the amount of work it would take to maintain it.

Does anyone know of a way to kill or slow the growth of plants in a small driveway-sized area? My dad tried gravel, but it's pretty light gravel and seems to sink into the mud when it rains. Would rubble work? How effective is it? Surely the brush would just grow between the stones, no? Is there a better way? Perhaps a really effective weed killer, or a combination of approaches?

Thanks for all your help.

by duckie on August 07, 2004 06:58 AM
Welcome Tudor,good'day, Dude?
I've always wanted to visit your lovely country.

I have a gravel driveway that has lots of weeds pop up.I'm an organic gardener,so I don't use chems.
What I use is 1 gallon 20% vinegar,1 cup salt,heat long enough until the salt dissolves,let cool.Then add 5 teaspoons of soap or veg. oil as a sticker.Spray on the weeds,it'll kill em' dead.

Hope that helps.
Again,Welcome [wayey] [wayey] [wayey] quack,quack

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