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something eating my zinnias

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by mshpring on April 21, 2005 06:02 PM
Help! Something is eating holes in my Zinnia leaves! The only bugs I've seen look a bit like extra thin and leggy grasshoppers. I've only seen one or two, and they disappear before I can get a good look.

Any suggestions? By the way, my Zinnias are in a container...
by loz on April 22, 2005 02:38 AM
When holes appear in my plants the first thing I blame are the slugs.....have you noticed any of them around???? They eat up my plants pretty bad here.....I'm constantly putting down slug bait......

I also know that Japanese Beetles and mites can be a common problem of the Zinnia.

Wanted to share this-it's a paragraph directly from Bills write up on pests in the garden....

While many problems are related to insects and disease, a great number of them are of an environmental nature (over or under watering, humidity, sunlight). Don't assume that the problem is insect related unless there is evidence that this is the problem (observing and identifying the pest, evidence of chewing etc...)
I'm sure someone else will come through here soon with some suggestions for you.

laura [wayey]

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