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Let us Lettuce

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by Muskrat on September 06, 2005 11:33 PM
In my new garden we had an experimentation year this year, just to see what would work and what wouldn't and where and how and all that. We found that the lettuces seem to prefer the bed with a bit of shade offered from the nearby fruit trees and the ones planted "behind" the bell peppers seem to be the happiest, whereas the lettuces planted in another bed in front of the cucumbers on a very sunny spot have just struggled to stay up.

I always thought that lettuces liked a lot of sun. Are there some varieties which like full sun and others which don't? We just tried to put some autumnal spinach in, in the shadier bed. Are there any rules of thumb I can follow with types of lettuces/spinach and all?

Thanks in advance!
Muskrat [wayey]
by johnCT on September 06, 2005 11:45 PM
Lettuce can stand a lot of sun as long as the temps aren't too hot. Your plants that were shaded were in a much cooler location which is probably why the performed better.

* * * *
John - Zone 6

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