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Goose Grass & bindweed

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by Back Mountain NEPA on June 14, 2004 10:49 PM
Goose Grass and Bindweed: These are the bane of my gardening joy every year. The goose grass keeps taking over my strawberry patch, no matter how many times I've been convinced I got every horrible root piece. The bindweed sneaks in with my irises and grapevines, hiding the beauty of the flowers and getting so close to the roots that it is virtually impossible to pull out the full root of the bindweed. Any suggestions on controlling them that will allow me to have some time to do something else?
by weezie13 on June 20, 2004 04:02 AM
Back Mountain NEPA,
Any chance of you pulling the strawberries out
and putting them in another spot of bucket or something for a while and then taking that area that has all those bad and nasty weeds, and doing several things to it...... roto till it up, put tons of compost and leaf mould and cardboard and black plastic on top... Keep some heavy stuff on top even too to hold it down...
Leave it there for at least two years.....
Then when you're ready to plant again, undo the black plastic and plant right in it..
The worms should have come up and did their work from the bottom up, having the black plastic and so much on top should kill the weeds and not allow them to go up to the top, and if by chance some did live, if you leave such a heavy load of new compost and that decayed leaf mould, the weeds will be so spindley when they do get to the top, they will pull unbelievably easy to pull.
And it's not too hard of work, maybe rototilling would be the longest procedure.


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