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soybean leaf rust?

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by Tempest on June 08, 2004 05:18 AM
I am growing soybeans. I started them from seeds and they were doing just fine at first. Now half the leaves are curling and have brown edges and spots. They are starting to produce pods, have successfully been producing flowers just fine, and it is still only the leaves that seem to be affected. I tried nettle tea for a few weeks in hope that the silica content would strengthen the plants' resistance, but it has not worked. Are they perhaps not getting enough sunlight? Not enough nutrients? Is it a disease? I don't know what to do and have not actually been able to find much info. If anyone can help I will be eternally grateful.
Thank you,
Tempest [dunno]
by papito on June 10, 2004 03:48 PM
Soybean rust disease is new to the U.S.

The disease thrives when it is warm and moist and causes premature leaf loss which leads to a smaller number of bean pods, fewer seeds per pods and reduced yield.

The spores travel on the wind until they are killed by exposure to the sun or washed out by rain. If the spores land on a soybean plant or another host plant, they can take hold and reproduce and spread again.

Fungicide can help reduce the damage, but when left uncontrolled can cause extreme damage to the plants.

For more info, please see
Soybean Rust

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by Tempest on June 13, 2004 09:03 AM
Hey Papito-
Thank you most gratefully for the info and the link. I am currently checking more into it and other possible soybean diseases. It may not be rust after all (the brown now seems to be primarily on the latter half of the leaves and I don't think the spots are raised)
May you always have the garden of your dreams~
tempest~ [kissies] [muggs]

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