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poblanos and shallots

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by Tamara from Minnesota on August 28, 2005 08:45 AM
I have 2 questions and figured I might as well combine them.
1. I planted this year's shallot crop from last year's runts that sat around this winter in my basement. I figure I should do a winter crop and want to know if the runts could go right back in. I haven't harvested them yet.
2. I am growing poblanos for the first time. They are full size now but regular green not dark green and wrinkly like at the store AND they are not spicy in the least! just like a normal green bell pepper. So what gives? Should I just wait longer or something? [dunno]

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by obywan59 on August 30, 2005 10:15 PM
I planted my shallots on November 2 last year (a few weeks after the average first frost date), but you would need to plant earlier being so much farther north. I'm not sure if shallots will be winter hardy for you without protection or consistent snow cover.

My poblanos have have always turned out darker than regular bell peppers. I don't remember if they had a "normal green" phase first, though. Did you have a cool growing season? Hot peppers seem to have more heat when they get more heat. They like hot and drier conditions.

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