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Heavenly Blue Morning Glories

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by monicad on September 09, 2006 07:29 PM
I have grown this great flower for many years. For the last two years I've planted Heavenly Blue and gotten smaller purple flowers, not nearly so prolific, large, or beautiful. This is the third year at this site; the first year I got all Heavenly Blue. This year I used seed from 2 different companies. I got 1-2 plants of HB from each - the rest of the 12' fence is covered with purple morning glories!! Is anyone else experiencing this?

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by debnoel on September 09, 2006 09:15 PM
Do you have a picture of them? I always loved the flowers that grow in Maine. The gardens always looked so cheerful and happy. They looked part wildflower and so beautiful. I try to grow what my mom had in hers and have not met with real success. I love the lupine and delphenium, but can't seem to get them going really well. I have much better luck with the cleome. Each year I try anew. I also LOVE the ROSA RUGOSA that grows along the coast. Welcone to the forum!

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