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Need help re: Weeping Willow

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by angelia on April 06, 2004 02:22 AM
My 4 year old weeping willow tree is much taller than I think it should be at this point. The trunk is too scrawny to support limbs. Also, the roots seem to be rising to the top layers of soil! Anyone know if it's ok to "prune" this thing??! And if so...when?...can I add soil around the base of the tree to encourage the roots to grow DOWN like they're supposed to?? I really love this tree, and I'm having a difficult time caring for it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
by afgreyparrot on April 06, 2004 06:51 PM
Wow! I just had this same problem! Couldn't believe how fast they grew! About ten feet a year, and ZOOOOOM, right up into the electric line! I just pruned mine last month. Actually, it took me 4 months to get it all the way pruned. Started in December, finished in March! It was too scrawny to actually climb very far, then there was only so much I could reach from the top of a pick-up truck, and FINALLY, after having invested about 40 hours total over four months trying to get those things pruned before spring, Andy brought the backhoe home and I lifted him up in the bucket and it took him a few minutes to do it with a chainsaw!
But, I'm not sure if it's still O.K. to prune. Someone here will tell you.
Those roots coming up from the ground...
Mine did the same thing, and I found on the internet somewhere not to encourage them and to cut them off, as well as any other "suckers" on the tree. So, I did. My trees DID get much prettier and healthier. It just happened to work out O.K. with mine, probably by accident. Someone here will tell you the REAL answer, though!
Did you look it up in the search bar here?

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by angelia on April 06, 2004 11:30 PM
Whewwww...glad I'm not the only one having those problems. Normally it's "Murphy's Law" in my yard...if it does [Wink] but at least it keeps things interesting! Hopefully someone else has had, or knows someone who has had these problems and knows how to fix them. Thanks for your response, hopefully the more I'm "edjumakated" on this particular tree, the healthier it will become.

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