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new leaf curl on califonia wonder bell pepper

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by aloysius on July 02, 2005 10:33 AM
I am a first time gardener living in SE Alabama. I have a pepper plant problem. The new leaves are curling. I just placed about half a cup of horse manure around the plant base about a week ago. The temperature is getting above 90F. T-storm each day for the last few days has rained a few inches. The peppers are planted on raised beds and are in direct sun from SR to SS. I have a soaker hose on a daily timer from 0630 to 0645. My neighbor told me it is the horse manure that I placed on them last week. She thinks it has too much acid in it. The leaves are not dry but curling and shriveling only on the new leaves though. I am planning on spraying some copper Fungicide to control black spot this weekend.

by tkhooper on July 07, 2005 11:54 PM
Is it actually shrivelling? I was concern about that with my tomatoes but one of our gardeners in the know told me it just ment that they were happy. They would uncurl during the day a little bit but then be curled up in the morning and raise their little branches just as high as they could get them. Rather looked like they were reaching for the sky. It got to be a little cute after a while. Anyway it happened because I had put down quite a bit of fertilizer. I think as long as they don't turn yellow you are ok. But wait for someone with way more knowledge than I have to give you the definiative answer.

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