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rabbits?...and what's to be done?

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by deadheadfred on August 31, 2004 04:58 PM
I'm fairly new, and was erroneously labeled as a "gardener" instead of "neophyte".
Several weeks ago, we purchased a number of items to replace an old crab in our front yard. The most costly item was a dwarf cutleaf weeping maple, "acer palmatum dissectum Tamukeyama" for you smart folks. It literally looks not much larger than most of the bushes we bought. The height and spread promise to be 5-10". However, I'm afraid that may never happen, as the bottoms appear to be nibbled off. I cut the small branches back to the next "intersection", but then the damage just goes up further. My dogs have been happily devouring little bunny droppings, so that'd be my guess, as it really doesn't look like insect infestation. The landscaping nursery suggested putting mothballs around the perimeter but the lunching continues. A fence around this new little garden would both obliterate it and defeat the purpose of enjoyment. Does this sound like the work of rabbits, and what can be done? I really, really don't want to lose this tree. Also, I'd like to thank the 2 folks who responded to my ? re: deadheading dianthus. Someday soon I promise to learn to use the site properly.

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by weezie13 on August 31, 2004 05:17 PM
Welcome to The Garden Helpers' Forum!!!
We are very glad you found us!!!

Do you have any access to fox urine *or predator animals smell/urine* Sometimes that smell or liquid makes them run the other way because they think it's a animal that's going to eat it???

Or bury something like some tule fabric just under a very light layer of mulch or something, and when the animal walks on it, it doesn't feel "natural" and they won't walk on it, especially if they walk on it and it moves some where's else??? They don't like that!!!

Hot pepper spray too, but takes reappling after rains or watering....Or a garlic spray too!!!

I think Phil or Gardenmom or Papito had posted something about the proportions of what to do.

I'll click my notification box and watch this post if anyone posts a recipe for that stuff!!!


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by gardenmom32210 on August 31, 2004 05:34 PM
Here is a garlic/pepper recipe that is supposed to work.
Garlic/Pepper tea:

2-3 garlic buds (large off the clove)
1 hot pepper

Throw them in the blender with 2 cups of water and blend them to oblivion.

Strain out the liquids and toss the other stuff in the compost pile.
Mix 1 cup of the concentrate with 1 gallon of water and spray everything.
If it doesn't work at this strength just add an extra cup or 2.

Hope this helps!

Karen [grin]
by KDH on September 01, 2004 06:28 AM

Sorry to hear of your problem.. I have the sure fired cure..It is Blood Meal...rabbits hate the smell. They feel a predator is nearby. Also, the blood meal is very good for the plants. A two in one solution. I promise you...the rabbits run from it.

Karen [teacher]

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The More I know, the more I know I need to know more
by deadheadfred on September 06, 2004 04:20 PM
Dear Weezie, Karen & Karen:
Thanks so much for your suggestions. Karen #2's seemed the easiest, so I got some blood meal several days ago, cut back the bottom of the maple yet again (so's to monitor the munchline) and spread the stuff under & around. No activity so far! (But I do wonder what will happen when it rains, and am particularly concerned about winter. The poor wabbits even eat my firethorn.)
Thanks again.
by KDH on September 10, 2004 04:23 AM
Hey deadheadfred,

Just don't till the bloodmeal into the soil and it will continue to put off the smell. If it should get into the soil, just sprinkle more on top. We love our wabbits, we love our garden and our plants, but, we must choose which will win.

Kindest Regards,
Karen #2 [thinker] [Love] [angel] [Love]

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The More I know, the more I know I need to know more

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