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Need advice on landscaping a hillside... please.

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by deee on July 04, 2004 06:30 AM
We recently bought a mobile home in a very nice park. The problem is the house behind us, (which is not in the park) theres a fence between us and they dont mow,landscape.. nothing! Its an horrible eye sore! Our back yard slopes up to their fence, I dont have a green thumb I cant even grow a house plant! Can somone please give me a hint as to what to plant according to heights which is low maintence but looks nice. We want to not look at that place especially since we plan on building a deck out back. Thanks so much. deee in Michigan.
by Phil and Laura on July 04, 2004 05:39 PM
Deee, about how many feet between you and the fence, about what kind of grade (how steep) and how wide an area??? sorry, lots of ????, Don't have a pic do Ya? [wayey]
by Lilylilac on July 11, 2004 07:52 AM
I just went through something similar...I had a sloping patch of my yard that I just didn't like. It's about 30 ft wide and 20 feet deep and most of it is in the shade of a very big Maple tree. Nothing would grow there except weeds and even they didn't grow very well. So what I did was take A LOT of rocks and I built tiers going up the slope. I rototilled the space (as close as I could get without harming the tree), amended the soil and built it up with the rocks and soil. Then I planted Hostas...lots of Hostas! [Wink] Plus a couple of other shade loving plants. It was a lot of work but well worth it.
Now, this is just what I did with my yard. Like Phil and Laura said...what is the size and grade of the area you'd like to landscape?
My questions are: Is it in sun or shade? Are there any plants or trees that are already that you could possibly work with and incorporate into your new plan? Any resources nearby where you could possibly get some rocks or maybe railroad ties if you wanted to create tiers of some kind.

Sounds like a really exciting project! Don't be discouraged...gardening is an adventure! [Wink] Have fun with it!

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