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leaves turned white

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by newgardener500 on April 12, 2005 05:54 AM
Hi, I have a container garden I moved indoors w/ a sunlamp for the winter. I just moved my plants back out doors sunday (10 april) and today, monday, the leaves on my 2 hibiscus and 1 honeysuckle (i think that's what it is) have turned WHITE and are wilty. The buds on my hibiscus are also turning white. Have I shocked them by moving them outside? I've seen fungus before and this doesn't seem to be fungus. I also don't see any noticeable bugs. The leaves are not translucent. I have only been gardening for 2 or 3 years now but have not seen this before and can't find anything about it on-line or in my books. Any ideas?
Thanks much!
by sam314 on April 12, 2005 06:18 AM
The first thought I had was that it might be a mildew of sorts. Then I saw you are in AZ where "it's a dry heat". Unless it has been a little humid out, I would suspect mildew is not the answer. That's my guess, for what it's worth. [dunno]

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by mike57 on April 12, 2005 07:14 AM
HI [wayey] I think you might have shocked them move them into the shade and keep them watered not soaked just moist.they might drop there foliage but should grow back.when you see new growth on them then you can move them back into a sunny spot.this is just my opinion you may get others.hope this helps.your friend in gardening.mike57 [wayey] [flower] [flower]

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by newgardener500 on April 15, 2005 03:33 AM
Thanks! I'll try moving them into the shade. The white leaves are completely dead and dry now so I figured I could at least knock them off. It doesn't seem to have spread so I think the "shock" theory was probably right and I panicked for no good reason :-) If anybody else has other input I'll continue to check. Thanks again!

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