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Monarda Bee Balm Question

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by TheGardenerGuy on April 11, 2005 05:37 AM
Hi... [wayey]
Does anyone know of a good, reputable mail order company that i can order bee balm from? I can never seem to find it around here at the nurseries.. [dunno]
Also, does anyone have some growing tips for bee balm? We have planted some in the past and they never come back again..(like our butterfly bushes) [Razz]
Thanks... [grin]
Greg [gabby] [angel] [lala]

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by plants 'n pots on April 11, 2005 05:47 AM
All I can say, is that if you have any woodchucks around don't bother planting monarda - I tried it twice, and both times only 1 day after planting they were eaten down to the ground!

The other thing that I know about it, is that it is susceptable to mildew, which can render a plant unhealthy rather rapidly.

That said... I hope you find it and have great success with it - a friend has a HUGE patch of it which returns yearly - I'm sooo jealous!

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by sam314 on April 11, 2005 06:16 AM
The only thing that monarda needs is some light. We have some on our north side and it comes up just fine, although a little later. I've had some on the south side and the patch is growing so much I'm going to have to pull some out this year.
It is true that they can get mildew but that's probably if they are too wet.

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by Bill on April 11, 2005 06:17 AM
by obywan59 on April 11, 2005 08:36 AM
Andre Viette's Farm & Nursery has 9 varieties of monarda. You can call for a catalog at 540-943-2315.

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by BFVISION on April 13, 2005 03:38 AM
I find the local nurseries try to stay with plants that will thrive in their areas. The mildew is a problem with mine here in zone 6 but they are hardy plants [teacher] .

Good Luck

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