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Grapevines - Muscadines

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by NetKnockout on April 08, 2005 08:56 AM
I discovered on my father's property literally over a hundred muscadine vines, apparently just growing wild? As they are in the woods, in the marshy area... Some are as big around as my arm. Many of the vines are not producing any fruit, (as of last year), and many that are producing fruit are doing so in unreachable places, as many of the vines have climbed their way to the top of the trees, I assume seeking sun.
1.) Can I pull those vines out of the tree tops and/ or cut them so that I can train them to a more reachable spot?
2.) Can they be transplanted? If so, how?
3.) Can I take a piece of the mature vine and place it in water and will a new little guy grow? If, so where do I make the cut on the old vine? And do I need to use rooting hormones? And if so, how long before it is ready to be planted in the ground?
4.) Do I need to purchase male vines to pollinate these vines? If so how many?
5.) How can I determine which type I have?

Here is a link to some pictures of the vines

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Nikki

by Arthur on April 09, 2005 02:47 PM
Hi there! Growing grapes from cuttings is soooooo easy, and probably the best choice for your found vines if they are along in years and wildly untrained, as you said. Here is a great site that gives a brief but thorough description on cultivating grapes.

I like the 2 and 4 cane system, but you can train them to a trellis or an arbor, or let them ramble along a stone wall. (A good idea if you are zone 4 or colder) Best of luck! Let us know how you make out.

by Jiffymouse on April 10, 2005 12:33 AM
i wanted to thank you for asking that quesiton as i have some muscadines on the back of my lot that i want to move/propagate too. i also want to tell you i shortend your url so it didn't "run off the page"!
by njoynit on April 14, 2005 09:12 PM
I use to grow muscadines when lived east TX.I did move with a rooting,but it didn't take,so i've done without my muscadine.I took a rooting from a corner that was overgrown& kinda the original starting point of my "mass of vines"I would say mine had grown from 60-100 ft.they went down a trellis that was 4x4 posts with framed 4x4 posts with some old cattle fenceing panals.
They don't tolerate frost well ceept the underneath ones from protection on the top& I believe are only reliab;ly hary to 10 degrees and will die out to ground at 0 temps.i aquired them after a winter with a ice strom.they were the sweetest best grapes.I'd go with some small root stock versus older type.

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by NetKnockout on April 14, 2005 09:40 PM
I will gladly share my vines!

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