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Whole Turkey On A Grill

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by Merme on February 06, 2005 08:30 AM
Ok, this is how I learned to roast a whole turkey on the grill and it is beautifully done and delicious in four hours.

You need a grill with a dome lid that you can close over the bird, though.

First, you must prepare the bottom of the grill where you place the coals. Make a large bowl out of aluminum foil that will sit down in the center of the coal area, leaving a nice wide space all the way around between the foil bowl and the sides of the grill. This is an important step.

Second, you place the coals all the way around the bowl so it makes a big fat ring. Light as usual.

Third, when the coals are hot, place the turkey on the rack directly above the foil bowl and then shut the lid.

Fourth, after about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, open the lid and add more coal, making sure it ignites well and then close the lid again. The turkey will be done in two more hours.

The importance of the foil bowl is catches all the drippings from the roasting turkey so that the coals don't burst into greasy flames and char the turkey beyond recall. After the grill has cooled, it is easy to remove the bowl because the majority of the drippings have congealed, so clean up isn't a big mess.

This is a wonderful way to feed a big crowd in the summer when you don't want to run your indoor oven. You can put it on the grill and go on about your business, only tending to it at the halfway mark.

And truly, it is the most delicious way to prepare turkey ever invented.


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by Amigatec on February 07, 2005 05:01 AM
Ever tried Deep-Fried Turkey?

It is wonderful, a bit greasy but Wonderful!!

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by gardenmom32210 on February 08, 2005 04:56 PM
Ever tried Deep-Fried Turkey?

Yep and it was real GOOD [thumb]

We have 2 racks on our grill so I put the turkey on the top rack and a baking pan full of veggies on the bottom rack with just enough water to cover. I set it on low and let it smoke for about 4 the turkey cooks all the juices drip into the veggies. Keep an eye on the level of liquid in the veggies so they don't scorch,you can add water as needed. I never have leftover veggies when I cook them this way [thumb]

G~Mom [grin]
by weezie13 on February 09, 2005 05:11 AM
This actually doesn't sound too bad...
*I really can't stand turkey, a couple of times a year at Christmas and Thanksgiving is tooooooo much for me actually....
I could eat chicken 8 days a week though..
and I only eat it on the grill..... [Cool] [thumb]

But with it being on the grill, it may
give it that grill taste I like and be a
tasty meal...

****And the veggies under it sound like a
good thing to do!!!

Thanks for posting this!!!


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