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sudden curling of leaves

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by remaustin on April 09, 2005 01:07 AM
Hi everyone. I have a container garden on my balcony in Austin, TX. I have had, for two years, a Texas Star Hibiscus, a rosemary plant, and night-blooming Jasmine.
Three days ago, I planted two cherry tomatoes, two jalapenos, mint, lantana, and basil.
I watered everyone and gave them a little food and now ALL of the leaves are turning brown or yellow around the edges and curling upward.
Did I feed them too much?
None of them appear to have bugs or mildew or anything like that.
I plant the same things every year and this has never happened before.
Thanks for any suggestions or ideas!
Take Care.
by Barb Illinois Zone 5 on April 09, 2005 09:00 AM
Gosh, sure sounds like too much of a good thing. If you used liquid fertilizer you could give the planters a couple of really good waterings to flush some of it out. If it was a granular fertilizer, I'd get new potting soil and repot everything asap. Know this sounds like a lot of trouble but it's probably less expensive than replacing all of your plants. Since most wholesale nurseries fertilize before shipping to retailers, I suggest waiting a month after planting to fertilize and then using half the recommended strength. I sure hope this helps! [flower]

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