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by sidheblooms on March 17, 2005 03:46 PM
well...we took the plunge and bought a wee farm, which hasnt had too much done with it for years..even never. we have 2 pastures about an acre each, and they have been fallow for as many years as any one can remember. we are planning on working those peices, and are going to take a no till approach.with growing the correct cover crops, and with some patience, we are hoping to have it ready for some kind of production in a couple of years. anyone have insight on this type of farming?!?

but here is a question that i think more people would be inclined to answer. there is an old chicken coop and run, and since you wont catch me farming animals of any kind, i wish to utilize that area to suit me and my family better. the coop is going to be my potting shed, but i would love to turn the run into my veggie garden. the lady before was raising organic turkeys, and i figure that that soil is probably pretty rich. and it is already deer proof.

oh..i did have a question here somewhere.....

since it hasnt been used for a few years, you can imagine that it is full of grass, and some nasty weeds, like canadian thistle (*yuck) and just a couple burdock.

i was thinking that i am going to go in there...whack everything to the ground, then get out my trusty garden fork...dig them nasty roots out as much as i can. then i was thinking about bruning the whole lot..then finally i was going to add a heap of nicely rotted chicken and horse manure ( so kindley left over for me) and other amendments, and rottotill the whole thing in.

how does this sound for a plan? are my steps going to be the best? should i do something else..or skip one of these steps? any suggestions about burning, then turning?

i do have some photos, but i again forgot how i to post them. i have a webshots page..just need to type ion full ulr right? well i will try to figure it out.

in the mean time.. thanks for any help.

it is a pretty big' x 15' or so.

* * * *
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by Jiffymouse on March 17, 2005 06:05 PM
sounds like you have the right plan [thumb]

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