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by The Accidental Farme on March 05, 2005 02:48 AM
Does anyone else grow fruits and vegtables on a larger scale? I grew up a farm boy and have not changed. We grow acres of crops, every thing from hay for the animals, oats, berries of all kinds,and vegtables. Our first two pages of seed order went in last week and all the starter trays are ready to go.
I have several tractors as it is one of my hobbies and I use them to farm also. The family farm my mother left me had become overgrown as my parents got older, but they still had gardens every year.So far I have put approximately 15 acres back into production with a goal of clearing and turning 5 more this year.
What amazes me is that this has become a family affair, my sons love to garden and so does my daughter-in law. There is nothing that gives me more pride then seeing my ten year old grandson cultivating with my vintage Farmall Cub tractor and doing a wonderful job.He wrote a paper for school about working with my bulldozer and the teacher called home because she thought Kyle was telling a tale. The paper was a what did you do kind of thing.What a suprize she got when his mom told her it was the real deal.
by The Accidental Farme on March 05, 2005 02:57 AM
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The old farm we bought at one time had a huge orchard on it.There is every type of apple tree growing there.The last few years we have been prunning and thinning them out.As of yet we have not sprayed or used dorment oil on the trees. Even so we have apples galore. They are a wild life magnet, you name it we see it on this piece of paridise. The thing that I wonder is how come I find half a worm in an apple from time to time when I eat one?

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