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Growing Hot Peppers...

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by jmsst2 on February 21, 2005 11:49 PM
Hello everyone,

Well, I have decided that I want to grow some of my own hot peppers. I have grown Jalap. peppers before, outside and they have done very well. I love growing them every season. However, I have always bought them from a "sapling" stage and grown them out doors.

Now, I would like to grow them indoors and from seeds. I want to grow them indoors and from seeds for 2 reasons. First, I am in college and have no space outside. Second, growing things from seeds just seems a little more rewarding. Anyway, I have found all sorts of good info. on how to care for different peppers, but I wanted to get info from you guys. I would appriciate all the info. on hot pepper growing that you could offer. Such as, what kind of soil, amount of water, how to sow the seeds (depth ect...), any special seed treatment before I plant the seeds and size of planter reccommended. I am sure there is much more info I left out, so I would appriciate all the info you can spare! hehe. Thank you all very much.

I have grown a few kinds of hot peppers, do I don't know how much variation there is with care, but I am thinking of trying to grow some Red Savina Habaneros.

Also, when I do successfully grow some peppers, I would very much like to preserve the seeds so I can use some of them to grow more plants, so if you have any info on that I would really love that as well =)

Thank you again for all the information!
by weezie13 on February 22, 2005 01:03 AM
I'm not much of an indoor gardener...
But I know we have one nice gardener here
that does alot of indoor gardening and I'm sure
he'll be along to give you alot of help!!!

Also, I can add a small amount of info...
For most seeds, it's the depth of the seed is
how deep you plant it, if the seed is 1/4",
then it's 1/4th" deep... a ball park rule of thumb. If they're very tiny, some just sit on top of the dirt, some get a small dusting of sand...

Also, when I do successfully grow some peppers, I would very much like to preserve the seeds so I can use some of them to grow more plants
After it's mature and a size that's to be expected by the prespective pepper,
Pick the pepper, cut the pepper open,
And take the innerds out of them, scrape the seeds on to something like a paper towel on a plate.. let it dry there for a couple of days to a week or two depending how the area is for drying.


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by Winter Rosebudd on February 22, 2005 01:26 AM
Last year I did a bunch of peppers from seed. I did them the same as my tomato seeds. I used a good organic potting soil, moistened it, mixed in some E.B. Stone fertilizer...about a tblsn. per gallon of soil I think...and like Weezie said just plant the seeds 1/4" deep. Don't pack down the soil too much should be a little airy.

I recommend doing alot of twice as many as you think you'll need, just in case some don't sprout.

Now my problem was not getting the seeds to grow indoors...that was fine...I need a better place in my yard to grow them because for some odd reason they didn't do all that well where I had them last year....BUT....the ones that were fabulous we're the organic Purira Chilis! WOW! I bought these seeds and they said they were so hot that they couldn't rate them on a scovile scale! They did have an excellent flavor and they were yellow with purple splotches. I highly recommend trying these! Someone told me to just chop them fine and put them in a shaker bottle with some white vinigar for a great shaker was fabulous!

* * * *
by noneofyourbusiness on February 22, 2005 02:07 AM
Hey jmsst2!!!

Peppers are an easy and rewarding plant to grow indoors! I've had much success with them. First off, pepper seeds start off best in a soiless mix. Try using rockwool cubes to germinate the seed, then transplant to soil. I find Pro-mix to be the best soil for beginners. Use about a 5-8 inch pot to start, then transplant as needed, depends on how big they get. Keep the soil moist, but allow it to dry out completely before watering. Use any general vegetable food, something like 30-30-30 to start, then switch it to a flowering food when peppers start to grow. Also what are you doing about light? Is it just on a windowsill, or are you controlling the light with a timer?
by njoynit on February 26, 2005 11:58 PM
I seem to always grow my peppers in containers.i have grown them in ground once but has been quiet awhile.And i also usually winter over mine and will grow them one more year before composting...sometimes they taste better the 2nd year.I usually sow them in my concrete planter then mve them out of it into other containers.useually 4 plants per container.I always add on compost and water them alot.And my plants jalpenos are usually all turned red by christmas if they'd make so paper lite lights.............I gorw on in my cold GH they get light& watered& this year I had a few sparse blooms,but they were very small peppers that formed,probably due to temps or'll need a way to keep it over 70 for production inside.when i had my iguanna my plant grew in her room,so it still produced with her heat lamp& light.I just had issues of her crawling in the plant munching her way through it.(((I could have handled that better if she'd not take one bite of one pepper and move on to another,or she'd have a blossom munch.)))
If lighting is an issue.I'd think lineing a box with foil shiney side up and reflecting the light towards box would help.mine produce well when its warm.

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