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by jmsst2 on February 18, 2005 07:07 AM

I currently have a healthy Calamondin Orange Tree. So, these oranges are starting to look nice, but I don't want to eat them. I get very attached to my little tree, and I was hoping I could use it's fruit to sprout new trees (for now at least). I am currently a junior in college studying biology, so I have some botany background, but not a lot of fruit tree background. I have access to a greenhouse, so hopefully that will come in handy. I just wondered if anyone has had successful trees from fruit seeds. I would love to get info on how to do it, such as how I should prepare the seed, and even what kind of soil or other things to buy for the little seeds. Any information would be very appriciated. I just want to make more trees from this healthy one, so I can hopefully have a good collection of orange trees without always having to buy the saplings. Thanks a lot!!
by gardenmom32210 on February 18, 2005 03:38 PM
My neighbor started an orange tree from seed 6 years ago. He didn't give it any special treatment,he just started it like you would any seed. It is now 10 feet tall and just about as big around.

Starting from seed will take alot longer to fruit than a graft would. With a seed it will take 7-8 years to fruit,due to the length of the juvenile stage.

Hope this helps...Happy Gardening!

G~Mom [grin]
by njoynit on February 20, 2005 10:16 PM

maybe those 2 sites will help you out.I need to organize my folder better the thing i'm looking for have not found yet.
seems your seed will have 2-3 sprouts.
I sowed some from a tangerine I got from store and one seed had 4 sprouts 2 were a pretty green and 2 were white.the 2 green are still going but the white ones recently shriviled to compost.i think was a photosenthis issue,they didn't grow but stayed same size then just*snap of finger* compost on the spot.i'll try my kumquat next,,,as soon as another fruit ripens.& I'll probably take a cutting of my loquat and root.
you'll have to post how it goes.sounds fun.I sowed my seed 1 inch.

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