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dying Meyer's Lemon..

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by glam70s on December 16, 2004 01:23 AM
I bought a Meyers lemon tree a few months ago and discovered that it was covered in scales. The store recommended an environmentally safe pesticide alternative. The scales are dead, but the tree is on its way too. There is not one leaf left aside from a tiny branch holding about 8 leaves at the base of the trunk, far away from the rest of the ex-leafy parts. That little branch seems to be doing well, very green and shiny, but not growing.

Any suggestions? It's in front of a very large window, but I'm in a townhouse and all windows face north. Will it get enough light there? I have a small grow-light, should I put that near it? Or is the poor little guy just a lost cause?

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by dianec on January 11, 2005 04:49 AM
I wish I could tell you what to do with your sick Meyer lemon, but truly don't know. What I do want to do is put in a pitch for a wonderful company. I bought a Meyer lemon last spring, along with 9 rose bushes, from Wayside Gardens. They guarantee their plants for a year and for an extra $5 they extend that to 2 years. I just harvested 5 beautiful lemons from my tree, and had 7 terrific rose bushes. I had two that didn't work out and they have already told me they will replace them for me when it is time to plant them in the spring - no questions, no charge... They emailed ME and asked how everything was doing, unprompted, and followed up on my email questions - they have been super. If you have to replace your lemon buddy - I suggest you visit their website - or 1-800-845-1124. Best Wishes! Diane
by njoynit on January 14, 2005 04:35 AM
Thats nice to know about wayside gardens....I have their book open with my plant delights book.

I don't have a meyers lemon I have a Ponderosa lemon& mine grows long has your foliage been browned off?

Here is an article I saved while looking up info on my ponderosa(It use to fruit but don't no more.I hate when people ask about my tree and they have had lemons off it and tell me how good they were)

I use safer insectasidal soap in summer time for whiteflys.I'm going to try the neem oil this year.most times can spray off with jet spray hose and doing that a few times a day they eventually just flea from me.I don't guess you'd like spraying your lemon tree down in the trees leaves grow in like 4 flushes through the year.(new growth starts....then stops....)It just did this in Dec and if remeber right was like in march last yr& then around june.but mines grown temps are mild in winters.we get a few cold spells from you....but can still hit 50s durring a cold spell durring the day& 60s&70s rest of winter.and we get triple digit temps& heat indexs!
maybe cool temps would make it lose some leaves I usually loose some,but not much when cold spell comes(I like to rub them...smell good)
I'll glance through other folders I got for lemon stuff.that page wasn't one was looking for,but is indoor culture.

Here's a goody

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