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no blossoms on apple trees

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by ron0829 on September 02, 2004 05:51 AM
I have two dwarf apple trees that shown blossoms and produced apples for about three years now. But this year, I did not get any blossoms on either one or apples. What happened? What can I do? Thanks for any help!!!!
by sidheblooms on September 26, 2004 07:36 AM
hi there!

well there are soo many factors and conditions to consider that i cant know for sure. but one thing which jumped into my wee brain was the possibility that when they were harvested last year..that perhaps this years buds were ripped off too. i have seen some folks (as with all fruit trees) rip the fruit off the tree...with the leaves and that special tender branch at the same time. it is hard to describe what it looks like..but this years growth is next years buds. and if they have been ripped off the would mean no blossoms/fruit. it is very important to remove the fruit with as little damage to the branch as possible.

other than that...who knows...maybe the bees went on strike.

better luck next year...

( [Smile] by the you want some of mine? i have bushels..i have peeled till i dont want to peel any more!!)

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by papito on September 27, 2004 07:05 AM
Hi Ron,

The probable causes [of] why your dwarf apple trees didn't bloom:

1. Lack of pollination in poor weather during full bloom period. At temp. below 65*F, the bees are not active. Use another apple tree variety as pollinator.

2. Vigorous foliage growth can cause no fruit formation. End shoots should be 6"-8"; if they are 12"-24", trees are getting too vigorous. Cut down on fertilizer.

3. As Sidheblooms said, the fruit spurs may have been damaged during harvest or erronously pruned.

4.Another factor involved maybe insufficient chilling hours (dormancy); most apples varieties requires 900-1200 chilling hours.

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