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facial masks

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by njoynit on January 15, 2004 02:37 PM
strawberrys stimulate the skin& are rich in viteman C which perks up the skin.sulpher helps cleanse and has anti inflamitory stuff that helps remove impurities from the skin
4-5 very ripe strwberrys
2 tsp heavy cream
1 tsp honey

wash fruit in warm water pat dry with clean cloth.mash the fruit add the cream& honeymix well will form a paste apply genorously watching to keep away from eyes& mouth and leave on 20-30 minutes.

might not try if sensitive skin or sunburn

Honey has antibacterial action& will help heal and can heal minor blemishes& will add moisture to dry skin to you northeners

Whole wheat flour contains vitamen E and will break down toxins in the skin,promote skin respiration& will slow ageing of skin& chinese medicine believes lowers skin cancer& will add fiber to your skin.

1 qt water
4 tsp-8 tsp fresh rose petals
peelings from an orange
2-3 TBS of buttermilk
2 TBS rose water
2tsp honey
4 TBS whole wheat flour

Boil water remove& add rose petals& orange peels and let steep untill lukewarm or cool.
heat in another pan milk,floral water& honey& add the whole wheat flour and mix.will form a paste.
with this paste smear on face leave for 10-15 minutes and wash off with 1st pan of cooled water& pat face dry& apply a moistureizer to skin

(I added mint to the last batch and my face felt all tingley and smelled good too& I used distilled water,but usually when you boil the water if its hard water it does filter it

* * * *
I will age ungracefully until I become an old woman in a small garden..doing whatever the Hell I want!

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