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Betta Vases

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by Sorathien on November 08, 2005 03:14 AM
i just wanted to remind everyone of this.

If you buy a betta vase for the plant, because you think it looks cool in the water rather than soil, just please remember that there is a live animal in there as well. research proper betta care before you buy one of these vases or make one yourself.

Bettas are very hardy fish, but this often leads people to neglect them.

they are carnivores and need to be fed frozen brine shrimp, freeze dried blood worms, or betta pellets. they CANNOT survive nibbling on the roots of the plant. they need to be fed once a day, 6 days a week.

to prevent the fish from living in its own waste, the water must be completely changed out once a week. fill a second large bowl (mixing bowl, stew pot, etc.) with tap water. add a dechlorinator. let it sit open over night.

the next day, put the fish into a small bowl with some of the new clean water and dump the old water out of the vase. scrub the sides of any algae or dirt with a clean wash cloth, swish the rocks around, and rinse the vase several times. fill with the new water and add the fish.

also, make sure the vase holds at LEAST a gallon of water (4 litres) and that there is no more than 1.5" of gravel in the bottom. the more gravel, the less room the fish has to swim.

keep the bowl in a warm place, as bettas are TROPICAL fish.
by loz on November 08, 2005 03:35 AM
Good info Sorathien--I had a betta that was in a vase with a peace lily and I did exactly the things you mentioned...When he died I was so sad....

Someone that I know around where I live had one with a peace lily and tried to tell me that it ate the roots of the plant and didn't need food...made me so mad.....

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