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rhubarb ????

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by Jon on April 18, 2004 12:48 PM
I grew rhubard in So. CA with no problems. Saw some in the nursery here - and asked about it. I was thinking we might get too "hot" for it and was assured that we don't get too "hot" but that we sometimes don't get cold enough - in fact was advised that it should be dug up and placed in the freezer during the winter. Sounded very odd to me. Told them that I had no problem with it in Cerritos - and certainly Pahrump gets much colder than Cerritos.

Anyway, bought a plant, put it in and it was doing good until we had a cold snap (a not-so-good aspect of the desert). Now the leaves are dead, and I'm wondering - - - did I lose it. Been a couple of weeks and it does not appear to be coming back - - any experiences with it would be helpful.


by Chrissy on April 18, 2004 01:20 PM
I grow rhubarb here in the very upper Northeast corner of Indiana. I am on the borders of Michigan, Ohio & Indiana literally 2 miles from my home you can stand in all three needless to say it gets REALLY cold here at times. Lots of long months of heavy snow & freezes make up our winters. My rhubarb all come back year after year without fail. It seems to be a VERY hardy plant for me. If it can make it through our harsh winters, I cannot imagine it wouldn't survive a cold snap. I guess it may depend on what variety you are growing & how young the plant was.

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