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by porkchp on April 13, 2004 08:25 PM
Hi there

First post on this site.I built a hoophouse for a 4 x 10 garden.What covering should I use on the hoophouse,this would be covering transplants and new seedlings.A clear tarp,a colored tarp 6 mill plastic? Any input would be great! Thanks
by Chrissy on April 13, 2004 08:37 PM
I would use 6 mil poly-film, I have read you can even double the plastic sheeting to make for a longer lasting sheeting that doesn't have to be replaced as often.

Polyethylene film covers about 90% of all greenhouse square footage in the US. It's popular with commercial growers because of its low cost and simplicity of maintenance. It lasts two to five years, depending on the thickness and UV treatment used, then can be easily replaced with new poly film. Used in single thickness, it is good for simple cold frames and greenhouses used for starting seeds and other seasonal needs. When used in two layers with the space between being inflated by a fan to create an insulated air space, polyethylene film retains heat more efficently than glass. It is important to buy it from a greenhouse supply company to be assured of the UV coating.
Make Your Greenhouse Efficient in All Seasons

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by weezie13 on April 13, 2004 09:22 PM
Hi Porkchp.
I love your name, so cute. (they called my husband that when he was just born, can't remember why, but thought it was cute too!!)

Another post on cold frame.. some info on a hoop house

Nikkal's Hoop House Read the first entry,
she's got a link there of some pictures of what she did....

Ten Things I Learned Today / Nikkal's Postings on putting the hoop house up...

Stuff in the hoop green house Hopefully
this all will give you some info on what to do, how to do it and a little laughing in between!!!


Hope this info helps a little!!

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by obywan59 on April 13, 2004 09:42 PM
Here's a hoophouse retailer where you can order the 6 mil plastic.

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